Kick Off Your Sunday Shoes!


Briana Queen, Author

This is it! The official callback and ensemble list for Footloose: The Musical was posted on the Dance/Drama news board on February 5th. Congratulations to all of the hard-working students who were selected for the ensemble. Being an ensemble member is very important. These members make up the background vocals and dancers to the leads.  Not only that but being an ensemble member is a great experience to have. Ensemble experience is a good way to show your passion for the arts. An interview was given to one of the ensemble members: Mariah Queen. Mariah is a junior at Tuscarora. She is currently enrolled in Dance Intermediate and performed in the Fall Dance and Theatre Showcase!

Question: What was your initial reaction to seeing your name on the ensemble list?

Mariah Queen [clearing her throat]: I was shocked but not surprised.

Question: What do you want to take away from this experience?

Mariah Queen: I want to learn more about the ins and outs of musical theatre.

Question: Are you excited to be a cast member for Footloose?

Mariah Queen: Yes. I think it is going to be a good learning experience.

With the ensemble list out, there are two final steps to creating the finalized cast of Footloose. The first step is to construct the callbacks for the leading roles. Call backs for any musical or play are used to determine who the best fit for each main role. Actors are given songs to memorize and told to study the characters they were call backed for. They are warned to be prepared and show what they’ve got! With that, a huge congratulations to the selected few who were called back for leading roles.  The call backs were done on February 11th . The final step comes down to the directors who are working hard to create a cast that is fit for the stage. These directors have to take a lot into consideration when creating the final cast. An interview was given to Ms. Moore (Head Director). This will be Ms. Moore’s first show at THS as head director. Ms. Moore is the current dance and theatre teacher for Tuscarora.

Question: How difficult is it to decide leading roles among so many talented students?

Ms. Moore: It is really hard because you have so many students that you see every day grow and you want them to do well it’s like Sophie’s Choice (a musical).

Question: Are you excited to be directing Footloose this year?

Ms. Moore: I am really excited. I have done this show a few times. I am additionally excited because it heavily dance influenced. I am excited to bring the acting and dance world together.

Question: Any advice to students who have not made this year’s cast?

Ms. Moore: If you haven’t made it this year, come and audition for the fall play next year. If you did not get in then the role may have not fitted the way we liked. Sometimes we just have to make some tough decisions.

With the release of the final cast, the show will start rehearsals and set building for the show. The show will come to life in the spring. Feel free to congratulate all of the cast members and wish them luck on their journey to opening night!