Shusterman at Tuscarora

Shusterman at Tuscarora


Project LIT and the NEHS have been working together to bring author Neal Shusterman to our school.  He is known for his dystopian fiction that takes a surreal concept and looks at how people would realistically react. He has written the Scythe, Star Shard, Accelerati, Antsy Bonano, and Unwind series. He will be coming on November 21st from the end of 2nd block to the beginning of the 3rd block.  This event is open to all, and took a lot of organization and collaboration between students and teachers and spans multiple clubs, and even schools.

The whole thing started last year when project LIT decided what book they would read; Project LIT focuses on young adult novels with cultural impact for teen reading groups.  They decided on Scythe a dystonia novel.  “It gets into the nitty gritty of reality of, like, Scythes,” explained Cora McDaniel – a leading student member of the THS chapter of Project LIT.  Scythes are like those who regulate the population, because there is no death.”  “Since Neal Shusterman had just put out his new novel – the sequel to the Red Toll – we decided to take advantage of this opportunity.”

To organize this event, they worked with Mrs. Kowalski and the THS National English Honors Society (NEHS).  While Project LIT focuses on advertising inside the school, the NEHS has been focused on organizing the meeting.  “We are using NEHS funds to pay for his visit Mrs. Kowalski explained.  “And we are organizing, bringing in schools, multiple schools from around the county –and even from Carol county, to hear him speak.” So far students from Frederick Highschool, Middletown, and Westminster Highschool are coming along with Thurmont, Wake Forrest, and Brunswick Middle school.  NEHS students have been working to come up with questions for Neal Shusterman on to keep the conversation going and make the most out of it.

This is great event for those who love literature or want to go into writing.  There are two ways to get involved.  First you can go to the event; you can find more information on the announcement during second block or talk to Mrs. Kowalski or Mrs. Kermnitzer.  Students can also purchase copies of his book from Curious Iguana, a local bookstore, to help fulfill one of the parameters of the meeting.