Candidate Spotlight: David Trone

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Hello once again Titans to another candidate spotlight for the 2018 congressional representative of the 6th district race. This week we will be looking at the other major candidate for 6th district representative, the Democrat David Trone. David Trone was born in cheverly Maryland. He is the founder of the Total Wine & More and was previously a candidate for the 2016 race of Maryland’s 8th congressional district. During said race Mr. Trone spent 13 million dollars self-funding his campaign and is doing the same thing with this campaign.

Mr. Trone was born in Maryland and was raised on a fairly large 200 acre farm in Pennsylvania. Mr. Trone worked on his farm for a large portion of his childhood and when the farm went bankrupt he went to work for his mother store. After graduating from Furman University and during his attendance of The Wharton School of Business Mr. Trone started his beer company, Beer World. He quickly started expanding across Pennsylvania into Delaware, Maryland, and the rest of the region. What is today Total Wine & More has garnered Mr. Trone a considerable amount of money with his worth being in the millions of dollars. Since running for office Mr. Trone has been determined to finance all of his political campaigns so far with no political organizational support.

One of the leading points in Mr. Trones platform for congress is to keep dark money out of politics and return power to the constituents. Mr. Trone also seeks to end the practice of gerrymandering in the hopes of properly partitioning regions so that entire demographics are not overruled by cities. Here are some of the other issues Mr. Trone has campaigned on:

  • Enacting stricter gun control laws starting with the banning of bump stocks, rejecting NRA and PAC money, as well as expanding background checks
  • Bettering education systems by enacting universal pre-k, investing in students not going for a four year degree, and better investing in teachers
  • Enhancing our trade and economic policies by tying minimum wage to inflation, ensuring equal pay for equal work, and raising taxes on those who can afford it (mainly the wealthy)

Mr. Trone has campaigned for numerous other issues which can be seen on his website that will be linked below. To reiterate Mr. Trone is a Democrat and most of his policies are fairly in line with the current liberal normality. His opponents in this election is Mrs. Amie Hoeber (R), Kevin Caldwell (L), and George Cluck (G).  All those 18 and American Citizens will be eligible to vote on November 6th. DISCLAIMER: This article is meant only to inform and in no way is meant to persuade your decision in terms of how you vote.

Mr. Trones Website:

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