Restaurant Review: Carrabba’s


Ryan Bonanno, Writer

  Carrabba’s is a large chain restaurant that offers a menu of diverse Italian foods. Located on West Patrick St. in Frederick, the Italian Grill is a family-friendly restaurant. This is also an excellent place for a date, a rather romantic and relaxing setting to lighten the mood for you and your partner. It has plenty of seating areas and a bar for you older folks. Being that this is a popular spot on the weekends, Carrabba’s has a small seat yourself area in case you aren’t in the mood to wait. After being seated, a friendly server greets you with a smile and some fresh bread. Carrabba’s is knfood reviewown for their pizza and pasta dishes. They use a brick oven to bake their pizza after adding on fresh toppings to your satisfaction. There are endless variations of chicken and pasta including; lasagna, fettuccine, chicken parmesan, and many more. For those of you who don’t prefer Italian food, Carrabba’s serves
various dishes including steak and seafood. I dined in just a few days ago and decided to order the Tuscan Grilled Sirloin Steak. Complemented by a sifood review 2de of green beans, the steak was exceptionally tender and juicy. The portions of food were just right, not too much to handle, but thankfully enough to make you skip dessert. By the looks of it, you might think this would be a major setback to the bank account. Surprisingly it’s not, prices are reasonable and affordable. If I were to grade Carrabba’s I would give it an A, I definitely recommend this restaurant to anyone with an appetite.