Coffee Comparison

Coffee Comparison

Mia Egerman, Cloe Hartley, and Marissa Pycha

For this review, we decided to do something a little different. As the days get colder, people crave warm drinks to get them through the day. It’s hard to get out of bed in the morning knowing you have to endure the cold; a hot cup of coffee is the perfect remedy. What’s your cup of tea, a local coffee shop or your favorite mainstream coffee franchise? We’re here to compare Frederick Coffee Company with Starbucks.

Both Starbucks and Frederick Coffee company try to create a comfortable environment to relax in. They provide you with new 1943an atmosphere that makes you feel welcome. However, Frederick Coffee Company provides a more intimate experience.The space was small yet homey and made us eager to go back. Whether you’re looking to start off the week right with a large cup of coffee or end your week on a high note the Frederick Coffee Company has you covered, offering live music, poetry and more. As much as Starbucks tries, they can’t shake the corporate coffee aura.

When comparing drinks, we couldn’t say one place is better than the other. If you’re looking for a quick coffee fix, Starbucks is your go-to. They offer many options so you’re guaranteed to find something you like. With a Starbucks at every turn, you’ll never have to go without. FCCo. offers more originality, but, with that comes unpredictability. Frederick Coffee Company isn’t a franchise so expect the drinks to be more 5028

As far as food selection goes the FCCo. has a larger selection. It offers a breakfast, lunch, and dinner menu with desserts and a special menu for children. The Starbucks menu is limited more to pastries, tasty desserts, sandwiches and pre-packaged snacks. In comparison, the Frederick Coffee Co. is the place to go if you want a meal and coffee on the side. But, Starbucks is more of a place you might go to get coffee with a treat on the side.

As far as our visits, we personally preferred FCCo. mainly because it was a more enjoyable dining experience. Starbucks and Frederick Coffee Company both have great coffee, but it ultimately comes down to what you specifically want. We definitely recommend the Vanilla Chai Latte if you choose FCCo. or,  if you’d like Starbucks, they have delicious cake pops!