Former Student Jordan Addison Wins the Biletnikoff Award!!!


Andrew Edwards, Newspaper Editor

When students leave this building, their accomplishments and achievements, post high school, are often only recognized by a handful of close friends. But every once in a while, a member of Titan nation earns recognition and notoriety that exceeds the normal congratulations from friends and family on social media. That is the case for a former student Jordan Addison. Jordan has earn a spot in the national spotlight for his body of work as a receiver for the University of Pittsburgh’s football team. Jordan exemplified what it meant to be a student-athlete here at Tuscarora. The work he did inside the classroom meant just as much as the work he did outside the classroom. In Jordan’s case, football was what he had worked so hard at during his tenure at Tuscarora. He left his mark for many students to follow his path. However, his impact did not stop there. 

Through the years of hard work and dedication, Jordan earned a scholarship to continue his football career at the University of Pittsburgh, where he has carried his Tuscarora legacy with him. After a successful freshman season as a wide receiver for Pittsburgh, he was bound to continue as a sophomore. Everyone at Tuscarora knew that Jordan had all the talent in the world and was capable of so many things. However, Jordan was able to show people all over the country what he was capable of. 

Jordan followed up his freshman season with an even better sophomore season. He would lead Pittsburgh in receiving yards and touchdowns. Furthermore, Jordan not only led his team in touchdowns but led the entire country in touchdowns with a total of 17. People all over the country have now recognized the talent that he possesses. The fans were not the only ones who recognized how special a player Jordan was. The rest of the college football nation acknowledged the abilities that he had. His talent was honored with the Biletnikoff award! The Biletnikoff Award is given to the best college receiver in the country. There are no amount of words that could explain how difficult it is to win this award and how special of a football talent Jordan Addison truly is. 

The Biletnikoff Award is just the first step in what can be a long and successful football career for the former Tuscarora student Jordan Addison. Through the hard work and accomplishments he has shown during his time at Pittsburgh, Jordan has added to his legacy at Tuscarora high school. Additionally, he has shown the current and upcoming students at Tuscarora that they can become or accomplish anything they work for. His impressions will forever last inside the walls of Tuscarora; however, Jordan is far from done. The individuals that roam or roamed the hallways of Tuscarora are rooting for him throughout his future endeavors!