Netflix Review: Squid Game


Andrew Edwards, Newspaper Editor

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This series is not rated since it is a Netflix original but it would definitely be an R rated feature due to adult situations and gratuitous violence, so please keep that in mind when choosing whether or not to watch it.

Squid Game, a Netflix original, premiered on September 17th with the first season. The show is full of ups and downs, with hundreds of contestants accepting an invitation to compete in a range of children’s challenges and games to win the final prize. However, unlike other game shows, Squid Game uses violence and death as a very real consequence for failure. Netflix chief Ted Sarandos has said that Squid Game is on the path to becoming the most-watched series in Netflix history. Currently the entire first season is available to stream on the Netflix platform. 

Squid Game takes 456 competitors and puts them through endless stages of brutal children’s activities with millions of dollars on the line. After only one episode, more than half of the competition was eliminated. The brutality and violence throughout this entire season was profound and somewhat disturbing. There is an option to leave the contest if the majority vote feels it is in the best interest. However, in episode 2, the vote was 101-100 in favor of staying in the competition. As the episodes move along, the characters have more prominent roles and become more personal. 

As the episodes progress, not only does the plot thicken, but the challenge becomes more complex and violent. More and more players are eliminated in the most brutal ways. The attacks and games turn more personal. Even with the show’s brutality, the directors were able to add some backstories and personal feelings into the mix. 

The concept of the show has grabbed the attention of people globally. Although the level of violence is not recommended for people of younger ages, fans of the horror genre have raved about the series. If anyone has not already watched the first season, it is highly recommended that Squid Game is added to your watch list!

Based on this recommendation our own Mr. Hartman decided to give the series a try, here is his take in case  you are interested… Hartman’s review of Squid Game