The Death Of The Newspaper

The Death Of The Newspaper

Eden Oladimeji, Writer

The opinions, viewpoints, and beliefs expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the opinions, viewpoints, or beliefs of the Titan Times newspaper, Tuscarora High School or Frederick County Public Schools.

The first newspapers appeared in Germany around 1609, recording current events and other important information. Since then, the newspaper has been spread around the world and it has evolved. But in today’s day and age, is there really much need for the local newspaper? We have the internet and mainstream news papers; so there’s not really much need for it.

Big companies like CNN, The New York Times and The Washington Post aren’t as concerned with slowly dying out.  They gain reader after reader and don’t ever have to worry about their rates going down. But, people are leaving their local newspaper to get their information from a higher source. A more “reliable “ source. According to an online newspaper called “The Week”, the circulation of the local newspaper has been in decline since 1998. It was 62.7 million, and is now 31 million.

So now, the next thing we’re questioning is if we still need the local news. The local news gives you more information on things closer to home, things that larger companies like CNN and The Washington Post won’t tell you. As the internet and online newspapers progress, advertisers don’t need to put ads in newspapers when they can just buy some online where they are guaranteed to have at least some people view it.

Student, Brianna Gathers says “The paper is dying because as the generations grow, people tend to rely more on digital news instead of having the hard copies.” When asked if the industry could be saved she said “No, because there is always going to be a better alternative to a handheld newspaper.” As for the titan times, I think it’s safe.