What Your Coffee Says About You


Athena Panton, Freelance Writer

What Your Coffee Says about You

In the mornings we all struggle from time to time to get started on the day and there is a favorite drink that many people turn to for help…Coffee!  But everyone drinks it differently and it sometimes seems that the coffee you drink matches your personality.  Experts like Judi James and James Moore have even done research on this topic.

People who drink espresso like the taste of coffee and rely on it to get them through the day.  They have been found to be hard working, set fast goals and are sometimes moody.  Espresso drinkers are natural born leaders and have almost exclusively Type A personalities.  

Those who drink black coffee tend to live minimalistically.  They tend to be quiet and moody but have been known to have brief periods of extroversion.  Those that drink black coffee are straightforward and avoid drama but are known to be stuck in their ways.

Latte drinkers like the taste of coffee but make it more comforting with the addition of milk.  They are known to be indecisive, reflective, and stay well within their comfort zone. They would rather be the follower than the leader, and they are supportive in relationships.

Cappuccino drinkers have creative and imaginative minds. They are characterized by their bubbly and loving personalities. They tend to draw people in and make friends easily.

Frappuccino drinkers are happy and full of energy. They love dessert so much, they found an acceptable way to have it first thing in the morning. They are the epitome of extroversion, but are sometimes in need of reality check.

Instant Coffee are impatient and tend to want things done when they want. They also tend to be a little bit lazier than the average person. They lead very busy lives and are always on the go. Decaf drinkers tend less courageous and more tentative. They are also known to be self-righteous and self-centered.

Non-coffee drinker, according to James and Moore, are afraid life, boring and child-like. However, they say that there is hope for non-coffee drinkers because it only takes three weeks to get hooked.


Mango frappuccinos: “if you are eight years old, fine. If you are any older, please examine your life priorities.