Top Thrill Dragster To Be “Reimagined”


Kevin Lewis, Contrubiter

Top Thrill Dragster was the tallest roller coaster in the world until the record was beaten in 2005 by
Kingda Ka, the current record holder. Top Thrill Dragster, or TTD, was opened at Cedar Point in 2003 as
the world’s first strata roller coaster, or a coaster taller than 400 ft, when it opened, TTD blew the height
record out of the water as the previous full-circuit height record holder was Steel Dragon 2000 with a
height of 318 ft.

From the day it opened, to the day it closed, and even when its height was surpassed by
Kingda Ka, enthusiasts still loved the coaster with its high thrills and incredible height with only a lap bar
to protect you, however there is one thing about Top Thrill Dragster that delivers more chills than thrills.
The ride is closed due to an accident that occurred in 2021 involving “a small metal object [that] became
disengaged from a train,” and hitting a woman in the queue line. The woman suffered severe injuries and
is now recovering. The ride stayed “Standing But Not Operating,” or SBNO, until it closed on Sep 6 2022.

The park updated the Top Thrill Web-page with some inspiring and vague language including
“Re-imagining” and “As you know it.” So let’s hope they add LSM launch and a vertical spike!