Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero review

Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero review

Noah Willis, Contributor

When the Red Ribbon makes its dastardly return under new leadership but continues its plan to take over the world, they seemingly picked a perfect time to do it because the world’s greatest heroes Goku and Vegeta are off the planet. With Goku and Vegeta being unreachable it’s now up to Gohan and Piccolo to dig deep and figure out a way to take these evildoers down.

The “Dragon Ball Super: Super Hero” movie makes it so that even if you weren’t a fan of the original Dragon Ball anime or didn’t keep up with them, it doesn’t matter. While yes, there are some occasional throwbacks or references to things that did happen in those older versions of the show, they still spice it up for you to make it so you don’t have to be familiar with the show at all.

Tetsuro Kodama (director) and his staff made sure that the nostalgic moments that are in this film don’t cloud the new watcher’s mind. Due to this film action packed while still having some story to it, it will definitely have you engaged the whole time.

Throughout the film there are parts that leave you wondering, for example, will Gohan be able to overcome his laziness and get back his original power in order to save his daughter Pan from the Red Ribbon Army. Kodama keeps you hooked by showing what Goku and Vegeta are doing and why they aren’t on Earth helping against the enemy, this film just has so much in it that you will regret having a bathroom break or just looking away for a couple seconds.

The way the plot twists and turns will leave you surprised, just when the heroes think it’s all over, something that we saw earlier in the film will come out and end up being an even bigger obstacle in their way.  Anyone who’s into action and likes backstories should definitely watch this film because you will not be dissapointed.