Restaurant Review: Tasty Titans Cafe


Mr. Hartman, Adviser

This week we are reviewing a fun local eatery called the Tasty Titans Cafe. Located on Main street right here at Tuscarora, the Tasty Titans Cafe offers a lunch menu several times a month for Tuscarora Staff members to dine on. The menu changes seasonally but there are some staples that are always offered. I, myself, tend to opt for the loaded baked potato when I dine at the Tasty Titans Cafe. But there are other offerings such as Taco Salads, or something seasonal, which this time meant that staff could choose a Turkey Pot Pie if they wanted something a little more thanksgiving-y.


But the offerings don’t stop there, the Tasty Titans Cafe also offers dessert menus which usually feature brownies and again something more seasonal, this time a sweet potato pound cake with cream was offered in addition to the brownies. For beverages, staff have a choice of bottles water, tea, Coke, Diet coke, or Sprite.


There are also options for either dining in or getting the meal for carry-out. I chose the carry-out service because I did not have a buddy to eat with, but next time, you can bet I’ll be coming with friends because the dining atmosphere in the Tasty Titans Cafe is relaxed, up beat, and overall very inviting. The staff who work preparing the dishes, acting as hosts, running the register, or simply assisting others with their jobs are professional, courteous, and always putting customer satisfaction first.


As for my dish of the loaded baked potato, I am pleased to report that it was simply delicious. All the ingredients were fresh and the dish was lovingly prepared and served steaming hot. The meal was just what this Titan needed to fuel my tank so that I could make it through the rest of my Friday.


All in all, I give the Tasty Titans Cafe ten thumbs up! I would strongly recommend the experience for any THS staff member who has yet to dine at our very own in-house eatery. So, the next time you see the Tasty Titans Cafe being offered, do yourself a favor, grab a friend or two, and head down to Main Street where you will be treated to a uniquely wonderful dining experience. Thank you to all the teachers and students who make this restaurant a reality!