Crumbl Cookies has come to Frederick!!!


Sarah Attia, Writer

Crumbl Cookie is a cookie company who has just recently blown up over all social media
platforms especially TikTok and Instagram. Crumbl Cookies was started by two cousins who had
a love for baking. Jason McGowen, Sawyer Hemsley, and their family opened their first store in
Logan, Utah in 2017. They now have over 264 bakeries in 36 states. In the store the customer
is able to see the cookies being made directly in front of them, customers get to see the cookies
come to life. This adds to the customer experience allowing them to get excited about their
cookies before they purchase them.

At first they just started with their classic chocolate chip cookie allowing take out and
delivery then over time they added new flavors, and they kept adding flavors regularly.
Now Crumbl has a rotating menu consisting of 120+ cookies. Every week 4 flavors come to the
menu in addition to their classic chocolate chip cookie and their sugar cookie. This rotating
menu adds an exciting feel for the customers. It makes them feel like every cookie they get to
taste is exclusive. Customers are quick to want to get to try the cookies every week because
they know that they will not be there the next week. There are always new cookies being added
to the menu and older cookies are always being made better. The rotating menu keeps
customers coming back for more, excited to see what’s next.

Crumbl has their own social media pages that have gotten a lot of attention. Particularly
their tiktok has gotten a lot of love. Every week they post the different flavors and it has
encouraged people to want to try each flavor. It has recently been a tiktok trend to try and
review each of the flavors. This has given the business even more attention and made more
people want to try their cookies. They have also blown up on Instagram where they have 1.4
million followers. The crumble cookies themselves and the box that they come in are very
aesthetically pleasing, making many people post their cookies or their cookie box.

Crumbl Cookies has outdone all of their cookie competition and have fans all across the
nation due to their amazing cookies and extensive menu that leaves the customer always
wanting to try what’s next. The company is always looking for new flavors to add and are very
adventurous with the different flavors. Customers won’t find any other cookies like theirs. Right
now there are two Crumble Cookies locations in Maryland. There is one in Rockville, Maryland
and another in Gambrills, Maryland. There’s also a new location in the Wegmans
shopping center in Frederick Maryland.