Titan Scholar of the Week:  Alyssa Afari


Laura Taylor, Freelance Contributor

We are excited to introduce our first Scholar of the Week, Alyssa Afari!  Alyssa enjoys drawing, roller skating, and spending time with her family, including her younger sister and her dog, an English Springer Spaniel breed.  She is interested in attending a Maryland medical school and exploring a career as an Anesthesiologist someday.  Alyssa credits her parents for always encouraging her to do her best in school and in life.  We asked her what she thinks of virtual instruction, and Alyssa’s remark was, “It is what you make it.”  While she prefers face-to-face learning, she is following her own advice and trying to make her online experience a positive one by trying her best everyday.

Alyssa’s teachers have this to say about her:  “Alyssa is enthusiastic and engaged in our Biomed program. We created digital name tents to get to know each other, and she took the time to read her classmates’ slides and provide positive comments.”  “Alyssa has been an eager participant in virtual learning since our Back to School Afternoon! She is on time, is ALWAYS smiling, and asks great questions!” and “Alyssa has been interactive in the SAT prep class. She comes to class on time and is prepared. Keep up the good work, Alyssa!”