From Titan to Titan: Messages from our Seniors


Katie Johnson, Writer

This is my final assignment for high school, and I believe that is one of my main struggles with writing this letter. Writing this means that our senior year is officially over. How do I put into words how much these past few years meant to me? We have spent 4 years at least with each other, some of us have been together for 7+ years, some even 13. I am beyond grateful for everyone, I have made many friendships and learned so many lessons. We have been ripped away from the experience that many generations before us have had the opportunity to have. Even though this sucks, we can’t do anything to change this, what we can learn from this is nothing in life is a given and we need to remember to enjoy every moment. My best advice for the classes below us is to enjoy the moments you have left, and not take anything for granted. You guys will be amazing, I enjoyed all the moments I had with you. To remember it all, class of 2020 will go down as the best senior skip day… wait month… wait term.