From Titan to Titan: Messages from our Seniors


Cassidy Farmer, Yearbook Editor

To all of my friends,


Thank you for growing up with me and helping me figure out this whole life thing. We grew up mentally and physically together all while making great memories together. I have lost friends along the way which was rough, but life goes on and we all go different ways at some point. Also, I’m giving an extra big thank you to my best friend that has been by my side since 3rd grade. Most days I only showed up to school just to see her face at the top of the stairs or to laugh uncontrollably in first block with her. There is nothing like having a class with your best friend where you burst out in laughter for no reason in dead silence and the teacher just looks at you. This has happened a countless amount of times and is something that I will miss terribly. 

Whether we talked once or everyday, all of my classmates made a difference in my life. I learned how to work with so many types of people to create great things. I learned how to learn in different ways too. I learned from teachers who were like my friends too. From pizza parties in Hartman’s room, struggling to spin on the wheel in Wagner’s room, to even venting to my mom in her classroom at the end of the day, the memories I made wouldn’t have been the same without my teachers. Thank you to anyone that has taught me anything, whether your name was on my schedule, you helped me figure out something, or you were a friend that gave me advice, you all taught me something. The thing about public school is that you learn more from the other students than you ever thought you would. 


See ya later,

Cassidy Farmer