From Titan to Titan: Messages from our Seniors


Maliyah Anderson, Writer

Dear underclassmen, 


I truly hope you all are lucky enough to have a full year of school for the next few years coming. No one deserves to have their senior year taken from them. It really came as a shock to the class of 2020 because we all thought it was just going to be those two weeks off of school. Never would we have thought that we weren’t going back. Never would we have thought that Friday March 13th was the last day of high school for us.

Cherish and appreciate every moment you have in high school because you never know if it will suddenly end. Seniors took their senior year for granted and that is something I, personally, will always regret. I remember me and my friends would always talk about how we couldn’t wait until we graduate and we couldn’t wait to go to senior week, and now we can’t. So, enjoy your years in high school, join that sports team or club, go to that party, go to that football game, go wherever and make the best of it because it’ll all be worth it. 


Maliyah Anderson