Good Ways to Study

Good Ways to Study

Briana Queen, Author


Studying can be super difficult especially if you have a hard time focusing. In order to succeed studying certain subjects is very important. Everybody studies differently and use different techniques on how to stay focused. In today’s, I will be giving three fun ways to study.

  1. Listening to Lo-fi/Vibe Music

In this day and age, many people listen to music on a daily basis. Whether you listen to music while doing the dishes, working out or playing video games; music is a good way to keep yourself motivated and ready to face the task at hand. With this in mind, certain music is great for studying but not all of it is great for keeping you focused. According to Kuepper-Tetzel (Learning Scientists), “It was found that performance was best when pupils had studied with pleasant music playing in the background. Performance was worst in the unpleasant, aggressive music condition.” For example, if you are studying for a math test listening to heavy metal may be a huge distraction. This is where Lo-fi comes into play. What is Lo-fi? Lo-fi is short and simple for low fidelity. Low fidelity is the production or reproduction of audio characterized by an unpolished or rough sound quality. Basically, Lo-fi is the music of imperfections and aesthetic sounds. Lo-fi is usually instrumental and unlike classical music it is mainly pop influenced. With the lack of words and chilling sounds, studying is fun and sometimes even relaxing. Give it a try with the Lo-fi playlist linked below.

Lo-Fi Studying music

  1. Study Parties/Group Studying

Let’s say you are an extrovert or you really don’t understand the content that you are studying. Try to create your own little study party. Working with your peers or friends on a subject may increase your understanding. There are many benefits to having a study group. One benefit to having a study group is that it eliminates procrastination.  According to Angels Institute, “You will have a set time for studying and are accountable to your group members, which makes it less likely you will procrastinate about your studies.” Another benefit is that you won’t be bored when you are studying with others. Though you have to focus on studying, you may crack a few jokes or snack while you work. This type of studying can also increase social skills. Give it a go! Gather some friends from a class you are struggling in and plan a study party!

  1. Create a Game/Study Gaming

Though it may sound super dorky, turning certain subjects into a change may help you remember the content. This may work more effectively than reviewing notes on paper. A fun game for a vocabulary quiz may involve making flashcards. By creating flashcards, you can time yourself and try to beat whatever record you set. On Oxford Royale, it gives students multiple ways to create a game out of studying. They suggest, “You could also implement the instant feedback principle when you’re studying on your own, by giving yourself rewards in the form of edible treats each time you reach the end of a chapter or solve a problem.” These fun games and tricks can help with memory for test as well.

Try out these fun and creative ways to study. Whether they help or not, it is a good practice to study especially for college.