Student of the Week: Caitlyn Wilhelm


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Caitlyn Wilhelm is nominated by Ms. McGuinness (math teacher) for Student of the Week.  Ms. McGuinness explained, “Caitlyn is incredibly responsible and dedicated to her work.  She is quick to help her classmates and asks valuable questions!”  It is not surprising that Caitlyn helps her classmates when her goal is to be a therapist.  She wants to help others and show people that when they are going through a tough time they don’t have to do it alone and therapy can really help.  Caitlin’s gentle and helping spirit is also shared with her two cats at home and came in handy with her favorite class, Pre Veterinary Medicine. Caitlyn sets the bar high for herself with a goal of straight As, but balances the stress with a joy of drawing, Anime, and Manga.  In fact, Caitlyn would love to travel to Japan one day because of her interest in Anime and Manga. In addition to Japanese entertainment, Caitlyn’s favorite book is Clockwork Orange and her favorite singer is Melanie Martinez.  MS Wilhelm is on track for great things this year as Tuscarora’s Student of the Week.