Student of the Week: Kailyn Farmer


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Kailyn Farmer’s compassion for others is inspiring.  She is the second Tuscarora High Student of the Week thanks to Ms. Steinhoff’s (Independent Living Teacher) nomination.  Ms. Steinhoff explained, “A student in my class started crying after presenting to the whole class. I didn’t notice, but Kailyn did. Kailyn informed me in a way that was respectful of the student and me. She was compassionate, thoughtful and respectful in an extraordinary way.”  When asked about her empathy, Kailyn explained that she tries not to react instantly to situations, but to pause and always consider those around her first. Her thinking is that you get more bees with honey than vinegar. The key to Kailyn’s success is holding onto a cheerful outlook and sharing that approach at all times to make the best impressions.  To manage stress in her life she tries not to focus on the small stuff, but to step back and remind herself of the bigger picture and the positive elements within the bigger scope of things. Kailyn shares her positivity on show choir, drama club, dance club and in her performances in the school productions. She describes herself as a hybrid of her role models, her parents.  “My mom sings and my dad plays the piano and I do both.” Kailyn’s ultimate goal is to have her own family one day. Regardless of a good or bad job she wants a family of her own to keep her centered in the future. Kailyn is a student to watch with her dancing, singing, acting, and a compassionate heart for others.