Titans Take New York


Ethan Samet, Editor

Two weekends ago a group of Titans lead by our Humanities and English Teacher Mrs. Nickles set out on a Three Day Two Night excursion to New York City. Every year Mrs. Nickles takes a group of students to New York to expose them to a bit more of the world and see what other cities and places have to offer in terms of culture and experience. This past weekend’s tour of the city started with the students visiting the Metropolitan Museum of Art, which most people know as ‘The Met”. Here students were able to see everything from the ancient works of the Greeks and Egyptians to paintings as modern as Van Gogh and Jackson Pollock. After visiting the museum groups went to the Plaza Hotel Food Hall to have a mid-afternoon rest. From there they went back along Fifth Avenue to the hotel before leaving to Tony’s Di Napoli for dinner that night.

On Saturday students got to spend the day walking around the island working on a scavenger hunt that took some groups all the way from Central Park to the bottom of Manhattan. The scavenger hunt was put on pause around noon for all of the groups to meet up at Grand Central Station for lunch. As Saturday came to an end the students were taken to Broadway to see the new show “The Prom”, which became the first ever live play seen by some of the students. Sunday was the conclusion of the trip but before everyone boarded the bus to go home the groups split up again, some went on to do some more shopping and see some more sights like time square, while others went down to Greenwich Village and Chelsea Market to see what lower Manhattan had to offer. After driving through a storm the bus arrived back home around 9:30 on Sunday night.

In looking back on the trip an overwhelming amount of students seemed to have a fantastic time. Jack Atwell explained that what made the trip great was that “we had the freedom to explore a new city, and when we needed ideas on places to go we’d follow the scavenger hunt. It was also really cool to see a Broadway show”. All that freedom ended up adding up with some groups walking as far as 13 miles throughout the course of a day. We also asked Mrs. Nickle’s, without whom this trip wouldn’t be possible, what her motivation is behind repeatedly doing these trips with students. She said “trips like these give students the opportunity to explore new places, ideas, and cultures that they may otherwise never see. It lets students really broaden their horizons and at the end of the day that is what school is for”! Next year Mrs. Nickles plans to do yet another NYC trip during the spring time with hopefully more teachers offering even more excursions and opportunities during the trip for students to explore the city. Talk to Mrs. Nickles next year about the possibility of you joining her on the trip.