Student of the Week: Briana Queen


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Briana Queen, a junior, is nominated by Ms. Nickles for Student of the Week. “Dear Brianna is a quiet and calm voice of reason in our class!  She is insightful, thoughtful, and introspective — and handles all of her interactions with others with patience and kindness.  Her work with the pre-school kids – and peers – is met with creativity and compassion.” English may be Briana’s favorite subject in school, but she also enjoys taking part in the theater productions.  She is currently in the ensemble for Aida and previously she had roles in Sister Act and Into the Woods. In addition to the busy rehearsal schedule, Briana is employed at Sonic and working hard to maintain straight As for her report card this year.  It is Briana’s hope to pursue a career as a voice actor or an author, but ultimately she says, “I want to make a difference.” Briana attributes her outlook to her parents.  “They’ve always been there for me.” Briana’s kindness and success could easily turn into a bestseller one day like her favorite novel The Hunger Games.