ProjectLIT discusses “The Hate You Give”


Ethan Samet, Editor

Yesterday, for the last day of Black History Month Mrs. Kremnitzer’s ProjectLIT group held a discussion about current books that reflect some of the troubles that have faced not only the African American community but America’s relationship with said community. For those that are unaware, ProjectLIT is a program that is focused around the idea of bring current books to young students in the hope of making their reading assignments a bit more relevant than something like Shakespeare’s “Othello”. In their discussion yesterday the students in Ms. Kremnitzer’s class discussed the recent bestseller “The Hate You Give” by Angie Thomas. Along with Ms. Kemnitzer’s usual band of 9th, 10th, and 11th grade students Mr. Ratti, Ms. Smith, and Ms. Kowalski also joined them in the library to listen in. During the discussion the students continuously hit upon the topic of communication and how it seems to be at a low point in our society.


As an example of this one student brought up the fact that the “#Metoo” movement took a long period of time to mobilize leaving many women to not come forward until years after their abuse. The students continued to discuss how communication, or a lack of it, also contributes to many of the problems in our society with one saying that “people don’t care about people they don’t understand, and the only way to understand each other is to communicate”. The students of ProjectLIT hit upon many other important points within the topic of communication but one that truly stuck out can be summed up in what one student said “communication is just a form of learning”. It’s this point that truly makes conversations like the one Ms. Kremnitzer’s class had important. Not only that, but perhaps that idea is something we can all take away from this conversation. Communication is about learning and maybe, just maybe if we learn a bit more about one another we can come together to solve the differences that plague us.