THS Student of the Week: Rachel Nichols


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Rachel Nichols is the most recent Student of the Week and she was nominated by two of her teachers for this honor.  Rachel is in 10th grade and Ms. Crowell shared, “Rachel is a hardworking student in Biomed.  She is always eager to participate in all activities and willing to help any classmate when needed.”  Additionally Ms. Neuland stated, “[She is] very polite, willing to participate daily, help other students and offer help with any request from the teacher.  She has a very positive attitude and does everything with a smile. A pleasure to have in class!” Rachel was a bundle of happy energy during this interview.  Her secret to success, “I work really hard and put in a lot of hours. I never turn anything in that isn’t my best work.” Rachel’s interests are guiding her towards medical school one day so she can help patients.  Rachel is a self-professed “bookworm” and extremely active with lacrosse, track, hiking, hunting, fishing and hanging out with the family. Her enthusiasm for the Fellowship of Christian Athletes (FCA) inspired her to restart this initiative at Tuscarora High.  Be sure to introduce yourself to Rachel Nichols. She is an inspiration.