Book Review: Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us

Book Review: Colleen Hoover’s It Ends With Us

Madison Roberts, Contributor

Colleen Hoover has made her way in the book industry with over 20 books released within the past 10 years. People can’t seem to get enough of her writing. Hoover’s most popular book is It Ends With Us, released in August of 2016, with over 4 million copies sold and on the best seller list for 76 weeks.

The book follows a 23-year-old Lily Bloom who is in the middle of starting her career when she meets Ryle Kincaid. They end up falling in love very fast and get married. After Bloom and Kincaid get married Bloom starts to see Kincaid has a dark side to him. Shortly after she gets married she runs into her first love, Atlas Corrigan. The book goes back and forth between her present relationship and her past relationship with Corrigan. 

When you read this book you can feel every emotion Bloom feels. Hoover does a great job of capturing every feeling. You will laugh and cry while reading this book. The hype behind this book is understandable.

While most romance novels have very similar story lines, Hoover always finds ways to give her stories a bigger meaning than just boy and girl falling in love… happily ever after. It Ends With Us revolves around abuse and how to break the cycle.  

The book was such a huge success that the book is being turned into a movie. Hoover hopes for the movie to come out between 2023-2024. In the meantime she also came out with a sequel to the book called “It Starts With Us.”

If you haven’t already read this book we highly recommend it. We would suggest reading the book before the movie comes, as we are sure the movie will be a hit.