Four Day School Week for Students


Melissa Romero, Contributor

              Recently some districts  talked about some districts changing their in-person school schedule into a four day week for students instead of five. These schools are mostly located in Colorado, Montana, Oklahoma and Oregon. These states have significantly changed their school operation and said that those four days  provide the same amount of time over fewer days as required by state law. But why do these schools want to change into the four day  schedule? How does this impact students and teachers? These schools want to change to the four day week schedule because it helps the schools save money and increases teacher recruitment. This four day schedule also offers optional activities such as more time for independent tutoring and scheduling teacher development  on the fifth day. This could impact the students in both good or bad ways, The good things about the four day week is it allows students to spend more time with their families and friends and improves the attendance of both students and teachers. This extra day off could also benefit students to help students fix their sleeping schedules . The downside to this is that homework would increase and require more accountability outside of the classroom, further during the school week, the hours would be longer to make up for the extra day off. In my opinion i prefer the full school week method. Since i work in the afternoons,  not having time to work would stress me out and especially for students that have low income household its a priority to work. If im having a hard time with classwork from a specific class i would want to be at school as much as i can in order  to get the help i need.  Having enough time do my homework correctly is important to me so  then i could not feeling rushed.