F.C.P.S. Alumni Returning To Teach

F.C.P.S. Alumni Returning To Teach

Taylor Stewart, Photo Editor

Recently, the Frederick County Public School system has seen an increasing number of alumni return to F.C.P.S. after graduating from college. While some alumni even attended college in far away states, they are now coming back home. However, this time the roles are reversed; they will be doing the teaching! 

In one of the most recent cases, 2017 Governor Thomas Johnson High School graduate, Rachel Robertson, returned to teach at Tuscarora Elementary School. When asked about the reasoning behind the alumni’s return to F.C.P.S. after attending college in North Carolina, Robertson explained that Frederick County would always be her home. “I wanted to give my students the same diverse, inclusive, and memorable education that I had,” Robertson said. Like most teachers, Robertson had a goal to help her students become “confident and compassionate people in their futures.”

Another F.C.P.S. alumni, Kaylyn Flanagan, came back to teach as well. Flanagan was a 2015 graduate from Tuscarora High School who returned to teach second grade at Hillcrest Elementary School. Flanagan stated that her experience with the school system was so great that she “wanted to continue working as a teacher and further all of the good work being done in the county.” When asked about her favorite part of F.C.P.S, the alumni responded by explaining how she loved how dedicated the teachers and staff were to serving students and families. 

The increasing number of alumni that have returned to teach really speaks to the positive impact that F.C.P.S. has on students’ lives. For a school system to be so inspiring that it draws back its former students to serve as teachers is truly impressive and uplifting.