The Titan Times celebrates its 1,000th article!


Once upon a time, actually it was early in 2015, Tuscarora High School did not have a newspaper of any kind. That year, a couple of yearbook students, Alexa VanDepoll and Aubrey Sicat, approached Mr. Hartman about the possibility of creating an online newspaper for Tuscarora High school. Their pitch was simple: Make a newspaper during third block when the yearbook class meets. They believed that, while it would be a lot of work, it would be very worth while and it would bring something to this school that was sorely needed. So, Mr. Hartman approached administration about theĀ  possibility of combining Publications (the yearbook class) with Journalism to create a hybrid program of sorts. Administration agreed and in the fall semester of 2015 the Titan Times published its first articles.


In the 6 1/2 years since we first began publishing we have had over 65,000 visitors to our news site and we currently average about 3,000 visitors per month. We have covered sports, dances, and graduations. We have published restaurant reviews, movie reviews, and video game reviews. We’ve published OpEds about everything from politics to climate change to gun laws. We’ve published tips for cooking (including some pretty tasty recipes), tips for managing stress, and tips for staying fit.



As we publish our 1,000th article, we thought it would be nice to commemorate the occasion. The Titan Times could not exist without our student journalists or our readers, both of whom play a vital role in keeping this tradition alive and well. Thank you to the many students, past and present, who have helped us to bring this tradition to life and to bring our online weekly news magazine to the Titan community. Thank you as well to our readers who log in, browse our articles, and occasionally make comments. So, take a moment to browse the articles, maybe even take a trip down memory lane, and enjoy the tradition that was brought to life because a couple of young Titans decided to be the change they wanted to see. Here’s to the next seven years and the next 1,000 articles!