THS Student wins Honorable Mention in Regional Art competition


Victoria Uhl, Editor

Recently, one of our Titans — Julikaha Khan earned an honorable mention in the 2021 Regional Art and Writers Contest.  This competition is an annual contest hosted by the Aliance for Young Artists and Writers.  This statewide contest had 2,700 participants this year, and less than a quarter of them recieved recognition.  This made Ms. Khan’s achievement very impressive.  


Julikaha Khan is a senior in Mrs. Clague’s computer graphics class.  This year was her first introduction to computer graphics; it was also her first art class at Tuscarora high school.  “The piece is a symmetry project I had submitted for class,” Julikaha told me.  “I just kinda chose an animal and went along with it. I think it took me like 4-5 hours total.”  She also said the experience was “eye opening” and how she wishes she had taken more classes like this one.


For those who are interested in next year’s contest, submissions typically start in early September and end In early December.  There are multiple categories for both art and writing, which can be seen at the Alliance for Young Artists and Writers webpage, which is included below.  Also, If you are interested in computer graphics, there are up to 4 levels at THS, depending on interest shown in the classes.  These classes involve using a variety of different graphics software in a creative format, and are geared towards those that are detail oriented.  If you want proof of how this class can affect a student, I will leave you with one final quote from Julikaha Khan.


“If my teacher never told me about this art contest, I wouldn’t have gotten the chance to experience something like this in high school. I just really want to thank her for having faith in me and giving me this opportunity. She has guided me through this whole process and helped me in more ways than I could’ve dreamed of. I hope her way of teaching continues and that there will be more opportunities like this for generations to come. Thank you again Mrs. Clague.”


Link to Contest website: