Titan Scholar of the Term Award: Bridget Mbah


Congratulations!  Tuscarora High School is proud to honor Bridget as the “Titan Scholar of the Term” for Term 1 of instruction (August 31-November 6th)!  She was nominated for the weekly award SIX times, and therefore she is getting the TERM award – this is a great honor!  Blow is what Bridget’s teachers said on her behalf throughout the first term:

Week 10 – Dr. Dawes: “Bridget is the epitome of positive and upbeat. She is incredibly kind and uplifting to the other students. She greets people as she comes into the chat, encourages people when we have in-class competitions, and is always eager and willing to cheer on her fellow classmates in whatever they do.”

Week 10 – Ms. McGuinness: “Bridget’s work ethic and dedication to her education are incredible!”

Week 9 – Ms. McGuinness: “Bridget is an incredibly hard-working young lady! She is dedicated in her studies, participates frequently in class, helps her classmates, and doesn’t hesitate to ask clarifying questions. She is quite simply, amazing!”

Week 8 – Ms. McGuinness:  “Bridget is an incredibly dedicated student. She is kind to her classmates, participates daily, and is simply a caring and compassionate person!”

Week 6 – Dr. Dawes:  “Bridget always comes to class with a positive attitude and a thirst for learning. She goes out of her way to be kind to her classmates (and teacher) and offers positive encouragement. Her dedication to excellence is seen in not only her scores, but in everything she does. It is truly a pleasure to have her as a student!”

Week 6 – Ms. Crowell:  “Bridget submits all assignments on time, actively participates in class, and is very thorough in her responses. She always has a positive attitude and is extremely thoughtful!”