Venom~ Was It Really As Bad As They Say?

Noora Emara, Writer

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On October 5th of 2018, a movie called Venom which was directed by Ruben Fleischer. Rotten Tomatoes gave the film a 30% from the critics but the audiences’ rating was 89%, meaning its was rich in pleasing the audience but there was many technical problems, according to the critics. Stephanie Zackarek at TIME Magazine says “On the Marvel scale of greatness, with 1 being the least pleasing and 10 the most amazing, Venom might be around a 3.5, a 4 if you’re in a really good mood” due to the fact that “it doesn’t make sense.” Critics also comment on the fact that the plot has nothing to do with Spiderman and that the movie had lots of noise but lacked any sort of meaning unlike the other Marvel movies.

The movie had lots of humor and gave Venom its own kind of backstory rather than piggybacking onto the Spider-man 3 story line, which I liked. The movie also contains a splash of romance as the lead roles were engaged in the beginning of the movie but when Eddie Brock (played by Tom Hardy) peeks into an confidential case file that his fiance was working on for her firm for a story, she gives him back the engagement ring as she walks out of the firm office with the contents of her desk. When Eddie turns into Venom, both the symbiote and Eddie agree that they will get back Anne (the fiance). The humor comes through when Eddie and the symbiote first achieve “symbiosis”, they both fight over control of Eddie’s body and both of them are very quick minded and snappy. As you’d expect, the movie had a lot of adventure and action as Eddie zoomed away from Carlton Drake’s lackeys on his motorcycle as they were trying to get him after he had achieved symbiosis.

The movie is set in San Francisco. Eddie Brock is a investigative reporter that pushes his limits when an interview with a man, Carlton Drake, who was responsible for an aircraft crash falls into his lap. Six months after the interview and Eddie lost his job, one of the creatures infects Eddie as he is snooping around the scientific facility. As he is running away, Eddie quickly realizes that something is very wrong with what happened to him as he climbs a tall tree in less than 3 seconds. He starts acting weird and very hunger as he reaches his run down apartment.  He eats anything in sight: chicken from the trash, both frozen and cooked tater tots, even when his apartment is under attack, he bites of someones head. But when the rocket did crash, There were 5 symbiotes but only 4 were recovered. One of the symbiotes named Riot had already infected one of the paramedics on the site of the crash. It switched through people till it finally reached San Francisco, Riot had a plan to bring the rest of his species to invade and conquer Earth. Venom didn’t want that so he fights Riot as he is getting on an aircraft, but as he sees that he wont win, Venom separates himself from Eddie and sacrifices himself, by blowing up the aircraft, to stop Riot. But the movie doesn’t end that way, you’ll just have to see it to know how it ends.

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