How long do you think it take girls to get ready for prom?

How long do you think it take girls to get ready for prom?

Keylayla Blackman, writer

Prom is at the end of the week and there is much excitement from those who are attending. Boys have rented their tuxes and girls have bought their eye-catching dresses. Everyone will go through a different process while getting ready for prom and this has created a question. That question is: how long do girls take to get ready for prom? I asked some of our fellow titan how long do they think a girl takes to gets ready for prom.

Hannah Cantilena- Junior: “I think at most, 2 hours”

Maryia Abarca- Sophomore: “4 hours”

Josh Crocker- Junior: “2 hours”

David Bailer- Junior: “6 hours”

Julian Blackman- Senior: “about 2 hours”

Elise Scotton- Freshman: “5 hours”

Brian Doyle- Senior: “3 hours and 30 minutes”

Overall, I think it depends on the person. Certain people enjoy getting their nails and hair done for prom, while others enjoy taking the more simpler route to get ready for prom. Whether a girl does get their hair and nails done ,along with other things, before prom, it can have an effect on how long it takes to get ready. But even though this is true, it does not matter if a girl takes 1 hour to even 7 hours to get ready for prom because after all, everyone will look amazing and let us wish everyone a great time at prom.