The Modern Betrayal

The Modern Betrayal

    Your partner may be cheating on you… With Netflix, that is.  

     Imagine this; you and your significant other are having a date night, what’s on the menu? A cozy night in spent binging on your favorite shows, the smell of popcorn lingers in the air and fluffy blankets ready to warm you up, but… Oh-no! When you arrive to the scene, Netflix is telling you that you’re two seasons ahead from where the two of you left off, how could this be? A thought arises in the back of your mind, you try to deny that idea- it can’t be true! But it is, your partner is cheating on you! (Through Netflix)

      And honey, you’re not alone.                        

     Sources say that 48% of couples who stream together, end up cheating- but what exactly qualifies as Netflix cheating? According to Netflix, you cheat whenever you watch a show alone that you’ve committed to watch with your significant other. Netflix also states that when your partner falls asleep and you continue watching the show, or movie, without them- that is considered cheating. The statistics the company gathered is quite alarming; 36% of cheaters don’t confess, 63% would cheat if they thought they could get away with it, and 48% have cheated more than once! Internationally, their research has shown that Brazil and Mexico have the highest rate of cheaters with their percentage of over 50% being unfaithful, while the Netherlands has been the most faithful while streaming with less than 30%- such angels!

     Though, is this really such a big deal? Can someone live with this betrayal in the modern age? Just, how big of a deal is it? To some- very! Studies show that 22% of Netflix users have gotten into a verbal argument over their partner cheating over this commercial affair, and 14% believe it’s more blasphemous than forgetting a special occasion, such as an anniversary!  But what do these streaming sinners say? Well, 69% of them say they just can’t stop- it’s too good, it would be unbearable not to continue!

     Be weary my friends; if you and your partner watch one of these shows, they may be cheating on you. Here, are the top five temptations:

  • Orange is the New Black
  • The Walking Dead
  • House of Cards
  • Breaking Bad
  • Daredevil
  • Stranger Things (Come on! There are only eight episodes so far!)

     So we leave you this dear reader; when you have the impulse to watch the next episode alone, save yourself the trouble and watch something new. Save your relationship, avoid The Modern Betrayal.