“The Addams Family” Review

The Addams Family Review

Kaylan Wallen, Writer


The stage adaptation of “The Addams Family” directed by Dorothy DeLucchi was a play about family, betrayal and the unreasonable madness of love. As they say, “Move towards loves’ darkness and feel.” We sat in the auditorium, when we got there we were ushered to our seats. We were offered popcorn, candy, and refreshment. The atmosphere was upbeat and eerie as we waited for the play to begin. There were two acts, act one had 12 scenes and act two had 10 scenes and ran for two hours. The male lead Eric Gava who played Gomez Addams was comical and brought life to the role. The female lead Keri Goto who play Morticia Addams was witty and sinister, She truly became the character.

In this play Wednesday Addams played by Presley Vasquez falls in love with a boy named Lucas played by James Downs; but they have to hide their love from their families because of their different lifestyles. Knowing her mother won’t approve Wednesday confides in her dad hoping he can keep her engagement a secret until after the dinner. This poses a problem because Gomez and Morticia have never kept secrets from each other.

There was one scene that stood out in the play. Act 1 scene 12: The Great Hall where the Addams and Lucas’s family play a game called full disclosure so Morticia can get the secret out of Gomez. Unfortunately things don’t go according to plan because Pugsley played by Micah Milam misses his sister and tries to get her back by making her drink a potion. But Alice played by Emily Frocke drinks it instead causing her to be brutally honest towards her husband Mal played by Simon Rupp. In the end everything works out.

Overall “The Addams Family” was well done and the singing was exceptional. The transitions between scenes were swift and there was never a dull moment. The crowd was constantly laughing and when the stage went black you couldn’t help but feel sad because we never wanted it to end. The cast and crew did a remarkable job making this production so great and we can’t wait until their next production.