Popular Entertainer Mitski returns from years long hiatus


Dayanara Rodriguez, Writer

A popular singer, Mitski, is coming back after a two year hiatus and also making new songs after three whole years of inactivity. Mitski is a Japanese-American singer who plays the piano, bass, guitar and of course is a vocalist. Mitski was born in september 27, 1990 in Japan to a white American father and a Japanese mother. She moved to the U.S due to her father’s job when she was still very young. Mitski’s family situation kept her and her family moving from state to state or even country to country. When Mitski was 18 years old she made her first song, most of her songs were recorded in her house.


Now Mitski is 31 years old and is still famous for her music. She posted all over her social media that she came back from her hiatus and she also posted a series of upcoming tour dates. The reason Mitski gave for her hiatus was that she was getting run down and also overwhelmed by her singing career and decided a break was best for her mental and emotional health. When Mitski posted where her concerts were going to be, and also when her tickets were going to be sold, her fans responded and tour dates quickly sold out through her May concert dates. Mitski’s come back single called “Working For The Knife” went viral as soon as it dropped, proving that her music is still vital and her fans are still loyal.