The great Smoothie debate: Tropical Smoothie vs. Smoothie King


Sophia Routzahn, Writer

Disclaimer: The opinions, viewpoints, and beliefs expressed in this article are those of the author and do not represent the opinions, viewpoints, or beliefs of the Titan Times newspaper, Tuscarora High School or Frederick County Public Schools.

The smoothie trend is relatively new but wildly popular. In case you are not aware, a smoothie is made from pureeing fruits and vegetables in a  blender with some sort of liquid base like fruit juice or milk or yogurt. Smoothies are advertised for their convenience and for their nutritional benefits. While smoothies are are simple enough to make many people opt not to do all the cutting and washing and blending and just simply head to one of many smoothie restaurants that have popped up all over. Two local businesses have come to dominate the local smoothie scene. Many folks have a preference for one over the other and we here at the Titan Times decided to take a closer look at two heavy hitters in the Frederick smoothie scene. This week we will be comparing Smoothie King and Tropical Smoothie Cafe to figure out which one is most worth your coin. 


At Smoothie King the prices vary from $3.09 to $8.49 ranging from a kid sized 12 oz. smoothie to a whopping 40 oz. smoothie. Smoothie Kink also has a variety of snacks and supplements you can choose to add depending on what sort of exercise or fitness goals you may be working towards. Smoothie King’s goal is to inspire people to live a healthy and active lifestyle. However at Tropical Smoothie Cafe the price of a 24 oz smoothie is $4.99 and a kids smoothie is 12oz and $2.99. The downside compared to Smoothie King is there is only one size (24oz) and the kids size (12oz). However from personal experience the 24 oz smoothie is plenty big if you want a pick me up throughout the day. There are various add-ins and supplements you add to your smoothie each 99 cents at both restaurants.


  Tropical Smoothie Cafe has a large food menu compared to Smoothie King. The menu contains tacos, flatbreads, wraps, sandwiches, salads and all-day breakfast, all of which will perfectly pair with their one size 24 oz smoothie. We tried and genuinely loved the three cheese quesadilla with roasted tomato salsa. Tropical smoothie cafe’s goal is to inspire a healthier lifestyle by serving food and smoothies. Both companies promote serving healthy smoothies to the public. Both chains use a sweetener, Smoothie King uses stevia, a natural sweetener. Tropical Smoothie Cafe uses turbinado. When you compare the two companies stevia is a much better alternative to turbinado. On the other hand, Tropical Smoothie Cafe provides alternatives like stevia, or no added sugar at all.


When it comes down to it, what is the most important thing? Well, the taste of course!!! It is the opinion of this author that Tropical Smoothie Cafe has better tasting smoothies, the Island green smoothie is simply divine. Sure, maybe they should use stevia, and maybe their smoothies are slightly less healthy than Smoothie King, but when we need a fix of whey powder and vitamin C and we need them in a fruity delicious drink, there simply is no better choice. If you are torn between Smoothie King and Tropical Smoothie we at the Titan Times, suggest you choose Tropical smoothie Cafe