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Rumors In Entertainment: Beneficial or Detrimental

Learn about rumors in entertainment through the Travis Kelce and Taylor Swift relationship.
Picture from Rolling Stones
Picture from Rolling Stones


Have you ever heard a rumor so crazy about you that you almost wanted to hear more? The blatant lies and creative twists people can put on stories truly is amazing, especially at the rate in which rumors are spread. People love gossip, the media loves gossip; however, normally the one being gossiped about isn’t too big of a fan. It can drive students crazy knowing that something is being spread around the school that isn’t true. Just at Tuscarora High School, there are 1,590 students that a rumor could possibly get out to. Now, imagine being the biggest star on the planet right now. 

Taylor Swift is arguably the most talked- about singer of the year, and rumors are spread about her left and right. While the majority of the rumors are false, there are always the ones that come out to be true. A recent rumor spread like wildfire when a source claimed that singer Taylor Swift and recent Superbowl champion Travis Kelce were dating. Rumors like these can be beneficial for the stars because of how much publicity they cause, but there is also a whole other side to rumors, which can be seen by looking at all the backlash this soon- to- be- proved relationship caused at its start. 

While many thought it was just another rumor, the two proved otherwise when Taylor Swift appeared cheering on Kelce at a game seated next to his mother. As much of a shock as this was to the public, I’m sure it would be just as shocking to Kelce himself if he could go back in time and tell his July self the news. Like the majority of society, Kelce started out as a fan. Swift recently wrapped up the U.S leg of her Eras tour where she took her fans through her journey as a singer, performing 44 songs from her 10 albums. This tour has broken the record of the highest grossing tour ever earning $2.2 billion. 

On July 7th 2023 she performed at Kansas City’s Arrowhead Stadium in front of 80,000 people, one happening to be Travis Kelce. Kelce even made a friendship bracelet for the musician, but unlike most fans who made bracelets the beads didn’t reference her lyrics, it had his phone number on it.

On The New Heights podcast with his brother Jason Kelce, Travis expressed his disappointment finding out Swift doesn’t talk after her concerts to save her voice. He was unable to give her the bracelet, but due to how things turned out, we can assume they connected elsewhere. On Sept. 12th Swift appeared at the Chiefs vs Bears games shaking the world. 

On The Pat McAfee show Kelce said,

“I told her that I’ve seen her rock a stage in Arrowhead and she might have to come see me rock the stage at Arrowhead,” and rock the stage he did. The Chiefs put on a show beating the Bears 41-10.

Kelce also  scored a touchdown and  Taylor and the mom were seen celebrating together. The duo has been spotted together since and they are the talk of the town however they’ve gotten a lot of backlash on both sides. NFL fans are saying they are sick of hearing about Taylor Swifts and the Swifties are going back and forth with these fans defending their idol Taylor by saying she made Kelce. These arguments were being made even before the relationship was confirmed. 

So even though the rumors did help with publicity there is always a backlash that may follow. While to the majority it is very exciting that these two are together it is almost saddening to know that this rumor is true knowing how much backlash they each have to face just for being together. 


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