Olney Maryland’s, “Winter City Lights:” the Best Light Show in the Baltimore/D.C. Area


Grace Marshall, Contributor

Open all of December, an 18-acre wooded property in Olney inhabits an incredible light show that trails families through 1 million Christmas lights. At $40 a person, it pays for a 1.5 mile hike and  a chance to hang out at their 14 bonfires. 

At the event there is also a loaded concession stand, a spot for “snow tubing” for kids 4-12, and an axe-throwing station. Plus, the 52-foot-high programmable Christmas tree provides a good show even before the hike.

In October, this is the same location of “Field of Screams” a haunted hike that is rated the #1 Multi-Haunt in Maryland. Both of these events are a must-see. The Haunted House caught many, many screams, and the light trail prompted many, many pictures. Almost every display is the perfect Instagram spot!

The most memorable displays include the twinkling willow tree (pictured), the giant sparkly teddy bear, ornaments taller than most people, the reindeer bridge, Santa’s sleigh, and a final room dedicated to Winter ballerinas. 

With a warm hot chocolate in your hand, the cold is unnoticeable, and depending on your time slot, hanging out with family at one of the bonfires is a great way to make a night of it and stay toasty. The lights stretch all the way to the parking lot, so there is not a moment spent there without this festive feeling! Make it out to Olney this December to see the display!