Titan Times

A Poem by Polina Kassir

April 5, 2017

Parasols and Umbrellas Sol’s long arms pull and all cry for her blessing. So every green blade dances to the lull of the mystical tune of a Pied Piper’s singing. Alas, the frail garden petals dissolved; They all are jaundi...

Keyboard Poem by Logan Streufert

April 5, 2017

With hands on my keyboard, By the light my screen. I stare at blinking nothingness And all that's in-between. I search this screen for answers, Though I know they are not there. The sky, I think, my hold these things, B...

They Do Exist – A short story by Kelcey Whipp

March 13, 2017

They Do Exist   I stepped out of my shabby cottage and looked around. Everyone was already gathered outside for the St. Patrick’s Day feast. Apparently that’s what the humans called it, but we just called it The Pinching...



February 8, 2017

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