Get ready for the 2020 summer Olympics in the summer of 2021…


Callie Miller, Yearbook Editor

Guess what?! The Olympics are back! Athletes around the world have been anticipating, and working towards, the return of the Summer Olympic Games that will be held in Tokyo, Japan. After the abrupt postponement of the Olympics last summer, athletes, viewers, and everyone involved in the world of Olympic sports are eager for its return. One of the most popular Olympic sports is gymnastics. A majority of viewers only watch gymnastics during the Olympic Games, which makes it very exciting. 


In past years, the Olympic team has been decided at Olympic trials, but this year, the two all-around gymnasts will be selected based on their standings at U.S Championships and Olympic Trials. The other three gymnasts will be chosen for the Olympic team by a group of reputable gymnastics coaches and judges.


The selection of the Olympic Team is often controversial because the decision of who makes the team is subjective. With this change, gymnasts have an opportunity to prove themselves on the mat, and the selection of the Olympic Team will be less subjective. 


Even if you don’t know gymnastics, you probably know the name Simone Biles. Although she won’t officially have her spot on the Olympic team until after the conclusion of Olympic trials, most people assume she will take 1 of the 5 spots on the team. That leaves four more spots for the rest of the U.S Olympic hopefuls. Hundreds of gymnasts throughout the country have been working towards the Olympics since they were three-four years old, and only five will prevail.