Spring Sports Update


Andrew Edwards, Newspaper Editor

High school sports are a huge part of so many students’ lives. It is a chance to represent your school while also playing the game you love. Spring high school sports got that taken away from them last year. This year, although all spring athletes are happy to have a season, there are so many restrictions and guidelines that take away some of the experience. That is slowly changing as in the past week, mask mandates for players have become more free and on May 19th, the Maryland Athletic Association, or the MPSSAA, approved playoffs for Maryland spring sports programs. The excitement can be felt in the air among the spring athletes. 


On May 11th, Frederick County changed the mask policies for the athletes. Coaches still are required to wear masks at practice and during games. However, athletes are now allowed to remove face coverings when practicing and competing. Players are still required to wear face coverings on the bench. Nevertheless, this is a big step in the right direction to hopefully discard masks for all athletic gatherings for everyone involved. The list of guidelines can be found at Spring Sports Bulletin.That was not the only good news in the past 10 days. On May 19th, the MPSSAA voted and agreed to allow spring sports to participate in state championships. According to the MPSSAA, state championships will occur from June 5th to June 19th. The Board of Control “overwhelmingly” stated in favor of state championships. 


Although the fall and winter athletes didn’t get playoffs, the spring athletes have to be so happy considering they didn’t even get a season last year unlike the other athletes. Even though players and coaches lost a season, the positive is that the state is doing everything they can to give spring athletes the best season that they can offer. Don’t hold in the excitement, let it all out, but remember that everyone still needs to follow the basic guidelines or it can all be taken away. Nevertheless, spring student athletes have so much to look forward to this season and there could always be more to come.