Tuscarora High School following Safety Guidelines for SAT


Lauren Lawson, Journalist

Tuscarora High School is holding the SAT on October 27th for seniors. But how will social distancing come into play while taking the test? With the help of Mr.Nutter and Mr.McWilliams, the safety at the SAT should be nothing to worry about. Also, a few seniors were asked if they are going to be taking the SAT and if so, then how would they feel about taking it.

An email was sent to ask three questions in regards to the set up. Mr. McWilliams is the one mainly in charge of the SAT. According to the two assistant principals, there will be no more than ten students in a room and the set up will have all the desks facing the same direction. Also, students will be required to wear a mask during the test. Tuscarora High School will be following safety guidelines while seniors take the SAT.

A few seniors were asked if they are going to take the SAT. Out of these few seniors, majority of them said they weren’t going to take it since many colleges are test optional this year due to the circumstances. Two seniors that are taking the SAT are Kelly Blahut and Maeva Tchouaffe.They were both asked about how they felt about taking the SAT. Kelly Blahut said she’s “nervous and kind of dreading it. [She’s] not a good test taker.”  Maeva Tchouaffe said she doesn’t “mind taking the SAT during COVID.The only thing that bothers [her] is [that she wishes] we were able to be more prepared, like they had told us about the October date in the summer.”

Tuscarora High School is following safety guidelines when it comes to seniors taking the SAT. The rooms won’t be crowded and everyone will be required to wear a mask. All desks will be facing the same direction as well. Some seniors will be taking the SAT but some won’t because many colleges are test optional this year.