Covid-19 Update


Andrew Edwards, Journalist

Cities and towns have come a long way throughout the United States in regards to the number of rules and guidlines put in place to slow the spread of this disease. Yet throughout the efforts, there are still way too many cases and the rate of exposure has really not gone down much at all. There are still thousands of cases and deaths per day throughout the United States, with no apparent end in sight. Here is alook at where the United States and the state of Maryland stand when it comes to the number of reported cases and deaths resulting from COVID-19. 


In the United States, the total number of cases stands at 6,613,331. Back in the beginning of May, the total number of cases was just above 1 million. That means that in the last 4 months, the number of cases have gone up 6 times the amount it was in May. Those rising numbers raise a lot of eyebrows with the question of whether or not any of the rules/methods in place are having any postive affect. There was also a 41,464 case jump just from the 16th to the 17th. That alone shoud raise some concerns. When it comes to the number of deaths, the total number in the United States as of September 17th, sits at 196,277 with 1,224 of those coming on September 16th. Visit CDC to see the daily updates for the number of cases and deaths. 


There have been an uptick in cases and deaths in the United States, but let’s look depper into the state of Maryland specifically. In the months of the coronavirus, Maryland is at a total of 118,519 which sits middle of the pack compared to the rest of the states. The total number of confirmed deaths as of September 17th is at 3,717, which also is more in the middle of the pack. In the last 24 hours, the case number has risen by 631, and the death number rose by 5. One postive number to be seen is that the number of positive tests compared to the number of people getting tested is at a -0.11% in the last 24 hours. Whiole all these numbers are not promising, and many concerns are rising, there is still hope for Maryland as the state has done better compared to other states. Keep checking for daily updates on Maryland coronavirus numbers. 


The coronavirus has plagued this country for months now. There have been a ton of ups and downs throughout this whole journey with o end in sight. The numbers have gone up and then back down which gave people hope but as the time has gone on, that hope hasn’t meant a whole lot. Everyone needs to just keep social distancing the best they can if anyone wants a sense of normality to return some day in the future. As of now though, there isn’t a whole lot for people to get excited about in regards to a possible ending of the novel coronavirus.