From Titan to Titan: Messages from our Seniors


Bri Gathers, Yearbook Editor

This letter is for my school friends. You know the ones. The friends that you have never really hung out with outside of school, but have those really fun daily interactions with? Yeah… I feel myself missing those friends more than my closer ones during all of this. We both have our separate friend groups and hang with completely different crowds, but you brought something so special to my high school experience. You were the ones who smiled at me when we were seated next to each other on the first day of class. When we both didn’t know anyone else, you were the ones who asked me to be partners for that first project. You were the ones who I would wave to in the hallway because we had that one class together way back when. You were my sigh of relief during a stressful day. One of you was always there to make sure I wasn’t lonely. I hope you know how much you were appreciated. We worked together through tough assignments and helped each other find motivation when it seemed impossible to find. You know the phrase “You don’t know what you have ‘till it’s gone”?  I had no idea how much you had truly helped me through the struggles of being a teenager in high school. And now, we may never see eachother again. 

We never shared much about our personal lives, but I think that’s what was so special about our friendship. We had the opportunity to truly build up from nothing. We didn’t know about each other’s past, if we had a lot of money or not, and it didn’t matter. The smiles and laughs within that 90-minute period were it; And that was all we needed. 

Now I’m graduating and I have continuously found myself reminiscing and thinking of you. You all were one of the major things that piggy-backed me through these last four years. I never let it show, but when I was having an especially hard day, our conversations helped distract me from my troubles. You are the most underappreciated part of high school. At the end of the day, as my high school chapter has come to an end, I just hope that I was able to do for others what you all have done for me. Thank you. I’ll remember you always. 



Your school friend, Bri.