Student of the Week: Kaitlyn Miinjarez


Lydia Kowalski, Freelance Contributor

Kaitlyn Minjarez, a sophomore, was named the Virtual Student of the Week thanks to two teacher nominations from Mr. Wagner (AP Government teacher) and Ms. Green (Cultures & Cuisines teacher). Mr Wagner shared, “Four weeks into Term 4 and Kaitlyn is holding a perfect score in her AP U.S. Government and Politics course–and that’s far from easy to do. Not only does this include homework and class projects, but also assessments, some of which are timed to simulate the AP exam format this year. Very impressive!”  Ms. Green explained, “Kaitlyn always does such a great job on all of her assignments. She is always so polite and friendly to both myself and her classmates.”  Kaitlyn says her key to success is managing her time wisely and creating a stable work environment for virtual learning.  Her plan is to take her success to the college level and study medicine.  Her end goal is to be a pediatric physician.       


Kailtyn was a member of the Rainbow Alliance club before the pandemic and an active member at the Mountain View Church.  In her free time she enjoys reading, watching movies, and playing video games.  She recommends the book Out of My Mind.  Katilyn and her family recently moved to Westminster and when the pandemic ends she will no longer be a Titan, but she has been a valuable addition to the Tuscarora High student body while she was enrolled.