Covid-19 Update for April 30th, 2020


Andrew Edwards, Writer

Many people throughout the world and here in the United States have different perspectives on the novel coronavirus depending on the situation where they live. Some places in parts of the world are seeing a decrease in the number of cases and deaths while other places are seeing an increase in those numbers. Either way though, most daily lives are still being negatively affected. The severity of the effect just depends on where you live. For those places starting to see decreasing numbers, hope is starting to come back. For the people who are still in a situation where numbers are on the rise, watching those cities and towns with decreasing numbers, gives them the hope that their city may be one of the next to start to decline. 


The number of coronavirus cases continue to rise day after day with thousands of more cases adding to the total every single day. As of 4/29, the number of confirmed positive COVID-19 cases throughout the United States stands at 1,005,147. That is a slight decrease in the jump compared to the jump between April 9th and April 20th. The jump in that time period was about 300,000 cases. The jump from April 20th to April 29th was about 250,000. Those numbers show some promise for the future. When it comes to the number of deaths throughout the United States, those numbers have also seen a slight decrease in the week to week jump. As of 4/29, the number of confirmed deaths are at 57,505. On April 20th there were about 39,000 deaths and on April 9th, there were about 14,000. Between April 9th and April 20, there was a 25,000 jump compared to this past week with only a 18,000 death jump. Those numbers give many people hope about the possibility of this virus diminishing to the point where normal life can start to come back. Continue to follow these jumps and numbers at CDC


Unfortunately though, Maryland isn’t seeing much of those positive numbers. As of April 29th, there are 20,849 confirmed COVID-19 cases in the state of Maryland. That is about 7,000 more cases since April 20. That is also about the same number of cases there was in between April 9th and April 20th. That isn’t terrible news but it isn’t the positive news that everyone wants to hear. The number of deaths have also seen a continued pace in the state. As of April 29th, there are 985 confirmed deaths through Maryland. That is about 450 more than on April 20. Counties such as Prince George’s and Montgomery have gone over the 4,000 case mark with Baltimore city and Baltimore county surpassing the 2,000 case mark. In Frederick county. There are currently 893 confirmed positive cases with a total of 45 deaths. The number of cases have seen an increase of about 350 and the number of deaths have seen an increase as well with a 20 death jump since April 20th. You can continue to follow the number of cases and deaths throughout the state and by each county by visiting for daily updates. 


In recent days. Governor Hogan has shared a plan that he has in order to gradually reopen businesses in Maryland. He is hopeful to start step 1 as early as May but only if the number of hospitalizations decline. Hogan said that there would need to be 2 weeks of decline in the number of hospitalizations in order for this to be possible. According to Governor Hogan, he said at his press conference that the first step would be to lift the stay at home order. That would allow for doctors to perform elective procedures, religious places could have limited attendance at outdoor worship, gyms could offer outdoor classes, and some recreational activities could resume including boating, fishing, golfing, tennis, and hunting. Also during this first stage, local governments  would have the flexibility to reopen certain places like libraries and parks. Stage two would build off of those things as well as include reopening restaurants, childcare places, and allow for social gathering with still a limit on the number of people. With Governor Hogan even talking about the possibility of this happening within the next month, that creates hope for everyone that normality is in reach. 


The numbers are declining and/or are staying relatively the same. The government is now starting to make plans for life after COVID-19. With that being said, that gives many Americans the idea that everyone might be able to get back to their lives in the near future. This is the news that many have wanted to hear for weeks now. Many people reading this probably either have a smile on their face or have begun to think about the end of this virus. Now there are only plans being talked about and nothing is set in stone but the situation is starting to gain promise. No matter what though, still practice social distancing for now. Quarantine can only come to an end if everyone pitches in and stays home, If everyone can do that, an end will come very soon.