Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body during Quarantine

Keeping a Healthy Mind and Body during Quarantine

Cassidy Farmer, Yearbook Editor

Everyone’s lives have changed drastically since the spread of the Coronavirus. It is super important to stay healthy while in isolation. This means both physically and mentally. Finding motivation is really hard when everyday is a repeat of the last, but I am here to tell you how to keep a healthy routine during all of the chaos. It is important to look at the long term benefits of your actions in quarantine because we will not be stuck inside forever and you can really use this time to better your life.

Waking up is the first step of the day, but that is easier said than done. If you are like me, you have completely thrown your sleep schedule off and waking up before noon is extremely difficult. A tip I have for waking up at a decent time is to make a list the night before. If you go to bed knowing exactly what you have to do the next day, you won’t be sitting around wondering what to do. If you plan on working out, write down your workout ahead of time or make a chart to track your progress. If you have school assignments that are stressing you out but need to get done, spread them out throughout the week by making a list of what you will do each day.

Following a schedule or list you make for yourself can be hard to follow when all you want to do is look at your phone all day. Rewarding yourself after all your work is done is a great way to motivate yourself. If you have a movie that you really want to watch or a dessert you have been wanting to eat, tell yourself you can have it after you complete your list. Speaking of food, nothing motivates me more than food! If you plan out a great breakfast or have cold brew in the fridge waiting for you to get up, you are more likely to actually get out of bed.

It is important to take a break from technology especially when you stare at a screen all day for school and when the only way to talk to your friends is to use your phone. So, I highly recommend putting activities in your day that have nothing to do with a screen. Reading a book, working out, coloring, painting, and drawing are all great ways to give your mind a break. Staying relaxed and having variety in your day will help keep your mind healthy during all of this.

If you still don’t feel motivated to leave your room and make a positive change in your life. Take a look at what other people are doing in the quarantine. Plenty of youtubers post their “quarantine routines” which can motivate you and give you new ideas of what to do in your time. It is important that you don’t help the spread of the virus to protect your health and others around you, but it is also important that you keep your mental and physical health in check.