Movie Review: Uncorked


Maryia Abarca, Writer


Netflix’s “Uncorked” is a story about a young black man named Elijah who has finally figured out his dream to become a master sommelier. A designation reserved for the best wine stewards in the world. But the only problem is that his father Louis wants him to focus on learning how to run their family’s barbecue restaurant in Memphis. This business has helped their community for years. Elijah’s father Louis who took over the restaurant from his father, who launched it with money he won in a dice game back in 1960.


It begins with Elijah working two jobs, he works his shift at the family restaurant and also sells wine at Joe’s wine store. He prepares for the master exam, which is administered once a year. By enrolling in sommelier school while attending to his shifts at the barbecue spot. But that becomes more challenging as his course, which he spent his entire savings on demands more of his time. Meanwhile, Louis tries to give him more responsibility at the restaurant with Elijah evades. Elijah is supported and encouraged by everyone except his father, who struggles to accept that his son wants to do his own thing. 


Despite his parents not knowing a lot about wine and his passion, his mother Sylvia supports his dream indefinitely. Louis, however can’t make peace with it because Elijah tries to manage his preparation for the test and his shifts at the restaurant. Slyvia comes up with a plan and has the entire family contribute a part of the expenses. Louis still doesn’t understand why Elijah doesn’t want to help with the family business. He then flies to Paris for the exchange program of his sommelier course. Meanwhile in Memphis Sylvia learns that her cancer is back so she tells her whole family to hide it from Elijah while he is in Paris.


I don’t want to spoil too much of the film for you. But what stands out about the ending is how hopeful it is. It shows how Elijah’s struggles in its final moments, to have him strive and work even harder than he ever has. This film is truly heartwarming as it looks at Elijiah’s worst moments and his best. But the best part about this film is that he takes stand for himself. Which also allows him to build a better relationship with his father and follow his passion.