Student of the Week: Zenon Drain


The very first Virtual Student of the Week is junior, Zenon Drain.  He was nominated by two teachers, Ms. Nickles (English) and Ms. Green (Independent Living).  Ms. Nickles gushed, “Zenon is a tremendous young man.  He is the keeper of our “Dad Joke of the Day” thread on our Schoology – keeping us rolling our eyes at his bad jokes just like each day in class!  He has been REALLY persistent about asking questions, getting his work accomplished each day — all while expressing concern for me and others. What a kid!”  Ms. Green said, Zenon has been on top of all his assignments, messaging when he needs help and letting me know when he’s turned his work in.”


Over the phone, Zenon explained that he has established a work schedule for himself and it has really helped him to stay on top of his tasks.  He builds in breaks and working with music in the background helps him to crank through assignments. His favorite class is currently the independent living course because he is enjoying the budget challenge in that class, which is a simulation for real world finance budgeting.  That assignment has Zenon considering a career in finance, but he is also very interested in sports medicine which he plans to take next year.  


Prior to the pandemic, Zenon was on the indoor track team, played football in the fall, and was a member of the breast cancer awareness club.  Zenon also finds time to work at Bruster’s Ice Cream. Now that the pandemic has shut down so many of his extra curricular activities, Zenon is keeping busy by riding his bike, playing family badminton and volleyball tournaments, and enjoying the Playstation.  The whole pandemic experience has inspired Zenon to start a journal to remember this historic experience. When restrictions are finally lifted, Zenon looks forward to enjoying a movie at the theater with a large group of friends again.