Covid-19 Update: April 3rd, 2020


Andrew Edwards, Writer

  The novel Coronavirus has changed how everyone is spending their days for the time being. It is spreading faster and faster as the days go on. More people are getting infected each day. This doesn’t just apply to the state of Maryland but the whole country. People of all ages are getting a taste of what this virus is doing to the human body. As it may seem like the flu and younger people may believe that they can’t get it, people of all ages are contracting this infectious disease in a plethora of ways. 


     How many cases are in Maryland? This is a question that is going through a lot heads throughout the community. As of today, April 3rd, there are 2,331 confirmed positive cases of COVID-19 in Maryland. Those cases range in a variety of different counties throughout the state. The county with the most cases is Montgomery county with 498 confirmed cases. These cases range from a variety of age groups with the most cases coming in the 50-59 age group. There are currently 36 deaths throughout the state of Maryland. Anyone can keep track of the confirmed cases in the state and each county by going onto for daily updates. 


     The United States as a whole is experiencing a rapid increase in positive cases because of such a larger rate of infection in states like Maryland. As of today, April 3rd, there are 213,144 total cases in the United States. Of those cases 1,144 are travel related, 3,245 are close contact related, and the rest are under investigation. There are a reported 4,513 confirmed deaths that have resulted from COVID-19. To see updates of these statistics daily, visit the CDC website. Within the last few weeks both the case number and death number have climbed in rapid succession which puts the question into many minds, when will this virus stop? When will it reach its peak? As the cases rise those questions will slowly surface for everyone wondering. 


     In the last few days Governor of Maryland Larry Hogan issued a stay at home order for all Maryland residents starting on March 30th at 8pm. According to, “…no Maryland resident should leave their home unless it is for an essential job or for an essential reason, such as obtaining food or medicine, seeking urgent medical attention, or for other necessary purposes.” Also according to Governor Hogan, “This is a deadly public health crisis—we are no longer asking or suggesting that Marylanders stay home, we are directing them to do so.” People need to obey this order in order to slow down this virus even a little. That means having to stay away from others and stay at home no matter how boring it might be. 


     This virus has yet to reach its peak so continue to take all the precautions. Continue to wash your hands often, avoid close contact with others, and try to stay home at all times if possible. Only leave the house if necessary. If anyone feels sick, stay home and if any symptoms show up please get tested as soon as possible. Then quarantine yourself from others to avoid any spread if in fact the test is positive. With that being said, everyone stays safe and continues to check out CDC and for daily updates on COVID-19 cases in both the United States and Maryland.